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The mission of International I AM is to provide enriching, quality Metaphysical education through classes, trainings, experiences, and services to support each person, in their goals of healing, transformation, growth, and intuitive development. Psychic Medium Readings, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Animal Totem Readings, Vortex Tours, and other Intuitive Services are available for your spiritual healing.


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Tips of the Spiritual Traveler – Connecting with Sedona

Connecting with the Land – Tips for the Spiritual Traveler Sedona has a hypnotic call to many. From all corners of the globe, spiritual travelers make sacred pilgrimages to the towering red rocks for healing and spiritual connection. As a land of expansive vistas, awe-inspiring landscape, Native American ruins,...

Finding Sedona Lodging with your Intuition

Finding Sedona Lodging with your Intuition Sedona, for many, is a site of spiritual pilgrimage. This area of awe-inspiring beauty, spiritually conscious culture, vibrant art community, historic dwellings, and pristine hiking trails, lends the perfect supportive landscape for a Spiritual Retreat! There are many lodging options ~ from camping,...

Sedona’s Spiritual Side

Sedona’s Spiritual Side A lot of visitors are seekers, coming to Sedona to escape the ordinary and connect with the energy prevalent in Sedona’s vortex sites. Some seek out their Spiritual connection, feeling drawn to Sedona for reasons unknown. Why is this, and what is this phenomena? Sedona’s energy...

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